The Centre is implementing an Action Plan within the University of Milan that includes an integrated set of actions aimed at triggering structural change processes conducive to gender equality and equal opportunities in the Faculties of Agriculture and Medicine, with selected actions concerning the whole University.

The plan establishes a strategic link to the 2015 International Expo, to be held in Milan, whose key issue (nutrition) is strictly connected with scientific and technological research, Medicine and Agriculture in particular, with an important role to be played by women scientists.





Women-friendly environment

Actions promoting change in organisational culture and formal/ informal behaviours

-           Course on equal opportunities and scientific careers (Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Medicine)

-           Research on S&T professional contexts (Faculty of Medicine)

Actions supporting early-stage career-development

-           School of Strategies for improving publishing for doctoral students (Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Medicine)

Gender-aware science

Actions challenging gender stereotypes and consequent horizontal segregation

-           Crash courses on equal opportunities and gender stereotypes in science for top management (Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Medicine)

Actions aimed at gendering S&T contents and methods

-           Workshops on “Gender Medicine” (Faculty of Medicine)

Women’s leadership of science

Actions promoting women’s leadership in the practice of research

-           School of project drafting and management of European projects for post-doctoral and young researchers (Faculty of Agriculture)

Actions promoting women’s leadership in the management of research

-           Annual reporting to the Academic Senate (whole University)

-           Annual reporting to the Faculties (Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Medicine)

Actions promoting women’s leadership in scientific communication

-           Launch conference (whole University)

-           Week of Women and Science (whole University)


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